to IRGL or Investor Relations Global League.....Your new friend on the road...

We are currently slowly relaunching IRGL……

.... please be patient and remember that we still are reconstructing reinstalling the data and database. We have more than 80.000 events and around 10.000 companies in our 10 year database...We have also collected almost 10.000 events from 1993, 20 years from the Nordic area.


*We are currently restarting and relaunching IRGL. We will start with 200 global companies and 500 Nordic companies.
*Our current plan is to bring out our popular "Nordic conflicts report for 2015 as soon as possible to old members. If you are interested in the report please mail to info@irgl.info


*Together with our new preferred partner Sjöö Sandström, the top quality watch producer, we are offering a membership, including their new Jubileum model. If you are interested please mail to info@irgl.info

*We have also a special offers out, for both NEW AND OLD MEMBERS, including updating the RATING with a "new" Sustainable Value, please go to MEMBERS AND PARTNERS and look for Current Offers or mail to info@irgl.info for more information


*As a member and partner you have full access to our member and partner list. We are currently restoring the search function in the database for members.

*We have also started the process of evaluating FINANCIAL ARENAS. The first choice became The Stockholm Opera House after more than 7.500 Financial Events for our partner Financial Hearings in 20 years, see ARENAS under PARTNERS

*Check your RATING - during 10 years Nordic companies have been rated for their program in presentations - see RATING under MEMBERS