Corporate Access has become a buzzword in the financial markets this century, where investor relations globally is becoming more and more developed. The delivery of corporate access has become a more important task for brokers over the last decade as markets have globalised. Our main part “the deconflicting part” therefore becomes more important each year. Our diary or “Air Traffic System” aims to help the planners with deconflicting, as well as reaching the pure investor at the front end. It has also been developed by the IROs own federation in order to be neutral to all parties.

Members and partners can log on and see unconfirmed events as well as restricted and public events.

Non-members / partners are restricted to seeing public events and cannot use some of the search options.

We have developed the New Diary togehter with a Classic Swedish Clock Manufacturer who has several high-end models in the market, If you want to know more about our partner just click on their logo or this link to Sjöö Sandström If you just click on the clock on the home page…. it will open and you will be able to start searching for future events globally…