Financial Hearings has a long tradition to keep longer relationship with all Partners

Operaterrassen Operaterrassen
The Opera House is Financial Hearings longest partner. The relationship started in March 1993 and since then Financial Hearings has produced most of its seminars in the most Classic Swedish Presentation House for the Market.

Financial Hearings mainly gave the Swedish Analysts a public face and since 1994, when Björn Jansson at that time on Alfred Berg, was the first from the financial market when he moderated Aga it is a tradition for the best Analyst to moderate the best companies. All Current Research Firms on the Swedish Market as Carnegie, ABG Sundal Collier, SEB, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Danske, Erik Penser, Swedbank, Redeye, Remium, Pareto, DnB, Deutsche Bank, Keppler Cheuwreux, UBS assisting us.

Cision Cision
Another long term parten is Cision, who have distributed invitations to all events. The relation started with Caspar Zettergren and has since then proceeded with Magnus Thell

Financial Times
One of the first webcast was produced by Finacial Hearings, Financial Times and Marcus Wallenberg Investor and since then has the relationship been kept with advertising

Börsveckan took over after Finanstidningen and FinansVision as our main Swedish distributor. With them we created the successful concept of Small Cap Days, among the longest partners with these days is Stockholm Corporate Finance Stockholm Corporate Finance

Affärsvärlden, the best Swedish Financial Weekly, has been our partner in the Fiancial Analyst Ranking since 2009

Fronto Fronto
Fronto Internet Broadcast, is one of two main webproducers. The relation started with Kent Sandquist, a real pioneer in the field, and was later developed by the Sundström family and Peter Nilsson.

Mediemerah Mediemerah
Mediamerah, is one of the two main webproducers. The relation started with Andreas Holmgren, who really have developed things with his open attitude.

Arkadin Arkadin
Is our current main Tele Conference distributor
We have in the past also worked with Genesys Conferencing, Chorus Call and Premiere Conferencing