Financial Hearings saw its day view 1993. It started with an Analyst Meeting with the Shipping Company Concordia Maritime on the Opera House in Stockholm, that has since then been like a second home for us. Already 1997 we produced the first Webcast, which led to a Global Reach in one go. Today the webcast are an integrated tool in most of our products. Currently we are doing around 300 Events per Year from Analyst Meetings on the large caps to small cap days for the smallest companies on the markets. Our portfolio also host some market events as the yearly Financial Hearings and Analyst & Journalist Ranking, with Affärsvärldens, Hallvarsson&Halvarsson, Svensk Image and Cision, as well as Financial Hearings Award and the Capital Markets Day – Named Portfolio Sunday. During the years we have worked with almost the same partners. Here is some of them. The Opera house – Operaterrassen, Cision, Financial Times, Börsveckan, Affärlsvärlden, Fronto, Q-Brick, Mediamerah and of course the whole Capital Market and The whole IR and PR Market.


Financial Hearings celebrated 20 year in March 2013.. If you are interested in the full history Financial Hearings 20 YRS 2013

Financial Hearings celebrated 20 year in March 2013… A history about Legends with Per-Erik Holmström Financial Hearings 20 Years in operation, frames at large, the launch and development of a much more open and accessible information society in business – where speed and ease of communication has grown exponentially, both nationally and internationally. Where the social media’s development in the market communication has become every man’s own property.

When the Financial Hearings in March reach 20 years it has a life that is twice the original product – Finanstidningen. Why has it been so, and is the road still as straight as an arrow? The theme for the day is – a little back to the origins and maybe we get the answer. Without Finanstidningen and the support from CEO Raoul Grunthal and owner Mats Arnhög the Finanstidningen Analyst meetings not had been in the game. To the supporters we also count Financial Times that helped with media support. During the Kinnevik era, Frederick Rudbäck, Michael Porseryd and Pelle Törnberg became the most loyal supporters to Financial Hearings, helping and developing us to an international reputation and reach. With Börsveckan as a partner, it was mainly with Peter Benson and Björn Davegård that we co-created the popular platform even for small companies. Today we have several such days together with several partners which might make Stockholm Corporate Finance, Life Science Day the absolute best.

We have in many ways been a leader in the development for 20 years and are proud to have been able to implement all presentations in a respectful and dignified manner for the audience, speakers and moderators. When you look at what has made the model popular, I think you all should look at names of the speaker. All together it made the presentation model the most classic of Swedish financial market. At one point – I said that – just as in a national team we would not be anything without all the “stars” when any guest interjected that I probably meant “divas” … But I pronounce that the players or speakers are the most important participators for the game and this is really the speaker’s model …  First, a big thanks to them. You can see them here and there in this album. Names like Marcus Wallenberg, Carl-Henric Svanberg, Lars Westerberg and moderators as Patrik Tillman, Hans Olov Bornemann, Bjorn Jansson, Lars Bokenberger, Raoul Grunthal and Dag Klerfelt, Lage Jonasson. Of the major Swedes in Swed- ish business, it is only really Mr PG Gyllenhammar that I miss of the majority of speakers passing by. Well, there are of course some of today’s CEOs who are at risk of missing the chance to become immortal with us.

Finanstidningen once had a motto that was “Truth is exciting enough.” We think it is still valid. “Openness and Accessibility” was a key that opened the information gap between journalists and analysts in the first step. In many ways, we led the process to the openness of websites that are now considered obvious by opening up the marketing.

The next important step was the creation of Webcasts that made the material available to both international investors and small savers. We were regarded as extremely arrogant when we implemented the Internet and Webcasts in the late 90’s. This is illustrated by this question from a CEO. – What is this filming today? Per-Erik: Yes we do it always nowadays … It is implied in this that if we went the traditional way to ask the customer, we probably should have started with this last in Europe. Instead we were at the front of the whole world. In six months the overhead copies were gone except for a few, such as Lars Westerberg at Autoliv, who could really patronize his audience and is a shining example that not only new media technology can do the job. Implementation time was less than 3 months without that someone had asked for the product.

Today, this is an international matter of course that is only growing in importance. For me, however, always meeting and the question time was the key and is still the most exciting part that gives the elasticity of each meeting. With the help of moderators, we see that both guarantee a certain base level of the hearing as well as that we are signalling to the audience that there is actually a transparency. In this way, we have been creating an environment that is also credible with the public. This is because basic values that sometimes could be ignored and that selective information policy could be very risky.

Best Regards Per-Erik Holmström Chairman