The Muppet Show makes kariaktyr of the Swedish market development from 1993 to 2008. It is divided into 8 Chapter. Per-Erik Holmström leads his dolls, which under the surface originates from the Swedish capital market.  The Muppet show is in Swedish,

* If you experience probleme with the audio, please try to mute and then unmute, Then higher the audio volume again..

Chapter 1  -  2.

Per-Erik enters the Market along with a puupie (Yuppie) and receive a key to the market( The symbol for the Swedish market is the Mushroom at Stureplan). The overheated market slams as soon as he tries to approach the market using his key. During the Black Monday he meets the US financial legend Alan Greenspan, who give him the first lesson printing new issues with the words “green side up” ( from the swedish Bob Lindeman)


Chapter 3-4.

Per-Erik quickly get more friends. In the overheated market Banks soon appears in the emergency room. Banks may need help but how do you handle the customers? The Banks move quickly from their Terapi and after a few years, banks are in full swing. They have understood that pensions can earn money for them and then end up in Parterapi when the Swedish market merges.,, A new Swedish business man has entered the scene, he resembles as a “Swan” and half “unlocked” he sails around the world, eagerly cheered on by two counselors who have appeared on the VIP Stands (from the The Muppet Show Critics)


Chapter 5.

The new “Garbo” who for over 100 years lived under the motto “act but not to appear” suddenly start speaking. A Swedish IT guru shows up in a shape of an orange sweater and heralds a new age who receive traditional Swedish companies to fall behind in terms of value. But who and how could anyone really see into the future ?


Chapter 6.

The recovery after the bubble has barely started when a new guy flying into world politics. He says that you can get a key to paradise if you follow him. The “Swan” gets his new phone and becomes totally unlocked. Alan shows up again with a “new trick”. He lower the federal funds rate and the wheel turns again, it boosts the economy …. The new surplus must be handled and Asia, through China, show up on the screen again. When the most populous country opens up …. what happens with the respect.?

Chapter 7.

The People’s Republic appearance in the market make the US dollar to look yellow. Alan has had enough and throws in the towel, when house prices in height suddenly falls and Lehman crisis ports Banks again to appear at the emergency room. The advisors sends the “Swan” on a new trip around the earth..Only one “new” man seems to have all solutions and of course he gets the key to the paradise.

Chapter 8.

Per-Erik summarizes the new Global market development and clenching the dolls closer with the words, it is not easy to reverse when the garage comply with us when we start to try back out from our probleme. We still have to move on otherwise we will froze….