Financial Hearings with its tradition to connecting people has done some social work in different Fields.

IRGL( IR Global League)
SIRA (Swedish Investor Relations Federation)
IIRF (International Investor Relations Federation)

In the field for Investor Relation, they where one of the key drivers for the Intergration of the Nordic IR Societies togehter with SIRA Chairman Inga Lundberg. The Nordic Socities was then all inserted into the International Investor Relation Federation IIRF, during SIRA Chairman Laurence Westerlund and the Nordic Pilot of the Global Event Traffic system was developed before IIRF Chairman Lynge Blak and IIRF founder Neil Ryder togehter with Per-Eriklaunched the full scale model 2004.

Nordic Vikings Nordic Vikings
Many of the Shareholders in Nordic Vikings have their origin in the FHs Connections. The story of the Nordic Vikings Ice Hockey Team, The best ever team in China, become a book “Hausse in Beijing”. It has also routes to American Football, where Europes best team in the 90ties.

Finanslandslaget Finanslandslaget
The Swedish Financial Team, currently in Ice Hockey and Football, have during the years connected 150 members.
The Team participated and won both Financial Ice Hockey World Cup as well as Financial Football European Cup – Interbourse several times and really contributed to the social developments of the International Markets.
The Team is also looking for starting up a Golf and Ski Team.

Financial Ice Hockey Federation Financial Ice Hockey Federation
Was created in New York 2003 during the Swedish Financial Teams 8 Day Global Tour – Helsinki – Tokyo – Los Angeles – Toronto – NY. The Federation has arranged World Cup, most of the years, since 2003 and next stop will be Helsinki 15 may 2015.

FHL – Financial Hockey League
Was created by Magnus Sondal and Per-Erik Holmström 1998 – Its an inofficial League normally playing on late Mondays during winter season. 2014-2015 Eight Teams will paricipate. Many of the players in the Team are linked to the Swedish Financial Team.

The Financial Football European Cup – Finans EM or Interbourse Interbourse 2014
The Football Tournament was started in Paris 1999 and has been arranged three times by the Swedish Team.

Legends Event
During the year in the Social Field FH has been involved in several honouring events. In the Financial Market Roland Jonssons Memory is such a event. Most Famous is the honour of the Swedish sport ikon Sven Tumba in Tumba.
FH has been an active partner to such Legends Event in both Football and Ice Hockey