All FH Events are linked to the Global Calender IRGL, named IR Global League. They are linked together through the clock up to the right. Just click on the clock. If you just want look at FH events, just click the clock on our site. It is tuned for just FH Events, under Event Host. If you change that to IRGL you could reach the Global Event Calender IRGL from our calender. You could also go directly to the IRGL site… click here,

The IRGL or Investor Relations Global League was developed from the IIRF. It started with the Nordic Pilot launched by Financial Hearings and the Nordic IR Societies in 2002, as an “air traffic system” for financial events and financial presentations. It was formally launched together with IIRF as IRGL, IR Global League, in 2003 to create a “mutual exchange of in formation”.

The main idea with IR Global Leagaue is to increase the transparency and cooperation in the more and more Global World