Roland Jonsson Memory is a prize to “Rookie of the Year” in the Swedish Capital Market and it is a part of Financial Hearings Analyst Ranking. It was created 2013, by five of Rolands Friends, Mats Andersson, Michael Orrgard, Anders Eriksson, Anders Jonsson and Eggert Mörling. In order to remember the spectacular and creative Analyst, with a big interest in cars and watches, the Prize as such is a Sjö Sandström watch.

The Watch also has become a new Model for the International Event Search and Event Traffic System IR Global League.


The Prize is supported by mainly the whole market…




2017 Magnus Råman, Handelsbanken  

The Roland Jonsson Memory “Rookie of the Year” prize is awarded to an analyst with unique expertise in online retailing, who has managed to identify the sustainability of business models and thereby the development of equities in both investment companies and the consumer sector. In some way this years prize winner is an odd person according to the core values of Roland Jonsson, however his own way should have been respected also by Roland Himselves.


2016 Natalie Falkman, Carnegie 

The Roland Jonsson Memory “Rookie of the Year” prize is awarded to an analyst who: · has good analytical skills combined with a high level of ambition; · is fearless, but also responsible; · is a team player in an industry characterised by individualism. Nothing can better describe the characteristics that were the core values of Roland Jonsson.


2015 Max Frydèn, Danske Bank Markets

Despite being in the industry for only a few years, Max Frydén has demonstrated an ability to think independently and outside the box. His analysis has been described as “head-on” , taking an “original valuation approach”,  and “well-researched”. In other words, an analyst who shares many of the characteristics that defined Roland Jonsson.


2014 Nicholas Mc Beath, SEB

The choice of this year’s Rookie of Roland Jonsson’s memory has fallen to an analyst who despite his youth has demonstrated deep company knowledge, spirit of service to customers and a desire to always try to find a particular perspective when a company is analyzed. This year’s candidate has also shown that he has the qualities that always characterized the Roland Jonsson, analyst – work carried out with equal parts humility, passion and team spirit.


2013 Anders Hillerborg ABG, Sundal Collier

Despite few years in the business Anders Hillerborg quickly gained a reputation for being ambitious, accurate and serious. He has shown that he is willing to run the extra yard to ensure the quality of his analysis and have not been afraid to go his own way. It is the analysis and not sales that has characterized Anders efforts in his service-oriented work with clients.  He has combined all these qualities with the humility the workmanship requires, making Anders to an extraordinary person in receiving “Rookie of the Year” in memory of Roland Jonsson and in the spirit of Roland Jonsson.